Em đó! Em đó! Em đó! Recently, I have been addicted to saying "Em đó! (It's you!)" because of the song Ý Em Sao by Lăng LD x Kay Trần x Homie Boiz. I have been getting rather bored with the current state of Vpop songs, but Ý Em Sao has been the exception. I don't really care for the low-quality teeny bopper pop songs that the mainstream Vpop industry seems to be trying to push. Therefore, it's been rather hard for me to get excited about Vpop. But unlike the same old crap that you see from the big name Vpop industry veterans, Ý Em Sao is different. It's not about trying to be hip or looking cool. Instead, the MV for Ý Em Sao uses self-deprecating humor in a way that I find refreshing. That 90's middle part hairstyle. LUL.

Ý Em Sao is my jam! But, I kind of wish that I didn't know that they were saying "I don't want to fuck with you." Those lyrics just don't make sense in the context of this song IMO. I thought it was "I don't want to quit you." That makes more sense. The song is about asking a girl how she feels about marriage. So, "I don't want to fuck with you" may not be the best thing to say. I'm guessing the speaker here is trying to say that he doesn't want to "fuck with" (play around with) his bae's heart. However, English is a screwy language. For example, bad can mean good when used in certain slang situations. Similarly, saying that you "fuck with" something is actually a good thing in modern day slang terminology. Saying you "don't fuck with" would then mean that you have no interest or you want no part of something.


Billy: I fuck with Ý Em Sao! That's my jam!

Johnny: How about 365DaBand?

Billy: I don't fuck with 365DaBand. That's some teeny bopper shit.

I guess you really can't blame a non-native English speaker though. The English language makes no sense after all. I understand the desire to sound cool by using English slang, but maybe next time, don't use the f-word in a song that is essentially a love song.

P.S. I actually like 365DaBand. I was just using them as an example.