Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Let me just say that I'm still alright. There has been a serious lack of interesting Vpop MVs to write about, but that has all changed with the release of Thiều Bảo Trâm's newest MV Kệ Anh Thôi (Alright).

I'm still alright

You're the apple of my eye

Although TBT still has her fair share of doubters, I have always been a believer in TBT's potential. Like Vpop superstar Sơn Tùng M-TP, TBT possesses the same three ingredients to make her a star in my eyes. Those ingredients are music, talent, and fashion. FYI, the acronym M-TP stands for music, talent, and fashion. TBT, who I see as the female version of M-TP, always brings the music, talent, and fashion to her MVs.

Kệ Anh Thôi is visually aesthetic

TBT just casually blow drying her hair like she's in a Dyson commercial

A casually get together with friends

Thank goodness for Kệ Anh Thôi because I seriously was losing interest in Vpop. Kệ Anh Thôi is just what I needed in my life. Kệ Anh Thôi has the perfect mix of visually appealing aesthetics to go along with a catchy, upbeat song. Music videos don't have to make sense in my opinion. They just have to be entertaining to watch. Kệ Anh Thôi is exactly that. Sure, it doesn't make sense why TBT is having pillow fights and frolicking around with other girls, or why she is blow drying her hair like she's in a Dyson commercial. Sure, it's kind of unrealistic that all the background settings are painted like a Splatoon squad just rolled through inking the whole place. All that doesn't matter. All that matters is that Kệ Anh Thôi is a visually feast for the eyes, and it has me saying "alright, alright, alright" like my name is Matthew McConaughey.

Looking fashion fabolous