I must say that I have been rather unimpressed by the work of all the Vpop boy bands currently active in the past few months -- so much so that I had pretty much given up any hope that any boy group would show me something. When I heard that Uni5 was releasing a new MV, I didn't even bother to check it out until today. Well, let's just say that my faith has been restored!

To my surprise, Uni5 actually looks like a legit boy band in Vì Em Là Oxy instead of a bunch of amateurs prancing around. Did Uni5 figure it out? Did they finally get their shit together? I hope so. For me, Vì Em Là Oxy has that special boy band feel that I have been looking for in a Vpop song for a long time. It's a song that makes me want to get up and dance. In my opinion, a good boy band should inspire you to try to get a group together to perform some badly choreographed dance moves. That's what makes them fun. Groups like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC did exactly that. You can't tell me you don't want to get up and dance when you hear someone singing ♫ Everybody, yeah! Rock your body, yeah! ♫ or a little bit of that ♫ Baby, bye, bye, bye!

I need more Oxy!

I often joke about Đông Nhi selling out because of all the intrusive brand sponsorship that 6th Sense seems to incorporate into their MVs. However, Vì Em Là Oxy might be the best executed CM/CF that 6th Sense has released. Vì Em Là Oxy is promoting the skincare brand OXY, but that isn't immediately obvious. Here, Uni5 is singing about finding it hard to breathe and needing "Oxy," which leads me to believe that Oxy is short for Oxygen. So, the promotion of the OXY brand is hidden in a double entendre instead of being all up in your face. I appreciate that. Then again, Oxy could also be short for Oxycontin making it a triple entendre. Uni5 is, after all, singing about making you "feel so high" and needing Han Sara like they "need Oxy" like some sort of addict. I mean singing about drug abuse isn't uncommon in American pop songs at all. ♫ Percocets, molly, Percocets. Chase a check, never chase a b*tch. ♫ Perhaps, Đông Nhi has low-key agreed to be a pharmaceutical sales rep. After all, Đông Nhi knows a thing or two about chasing a check.