Bích Phương is back with another Vpop song from the same team of people (Tiên Cookie, Phạm Thanh Hà, and DươngK) who were responsible for her last hit pop song Nói Thương Nhau Thì Đừng Làm Trái Tim Em Đau. Like that last song, Bùa Yêu is once again another pop song revolving around the subject of love. It sure is tough for a girl to find love in this day and age, especially with all these beta cucks out there. Bùa Yêu is basically a song about Bích Phương telling dudes out there to grow some balls and stop being such little pussies. "Do you love me or not?" she asks. All it takes is one simple word...yet, no one is willing to say it. A lot of times not knowing is worst than getting told bad news. The message here is simply that. Instead of living in a world of what ifs and missed opportunities, you have to risk it for the biscuit.

Many flower pedals have been plucked to solve this age-old question.

Yêu hay không yêu, Bích Phương doesn't have time for fuccbois in her life. She's much too busy making moves. She's a motherf*cking starboy! There's something about this MV that reminds me of the singer The Weeknd. Perhaps, it's the actor in this MV with his facial hair and similar rectangular shaped face. Perhaps, it's the dark tone and contrasting bright red visuals of the MV. Or maybe, it's the alternative/experimental R&B dance style of the song with its deep bass, dance influences, and ASMR quality vocals that are soft and slightly raspy like a passing whisper. Whatever it is, I like it.