You better run because there is a new bad boy in town, and his name is Sơn Tùng M-TP. This bad boy of Vpop doesn't seem too happy with his current girlfriend and is more than ready to burn everything around him to the ground. Contrary to what the lady in the intro of Chạy Ngay Đi (Run Now) says, M-TP is no "good boy" here. Instead, M-TP is clearly trying to make himself out to be the baddest of boys in this MV.

The Baddest of Boys

After the run away success of Lạc Trôi, M-TP took a major risk with this latest MV. It is a stark contrast to the love ballads that first made M-TP popular with the Vietnamese masses. Hip-hop music, after all, has never been embraced by the mainstream audience in Vietnam like it has in America. However, as a hip-hop fan, I am personally happy to see M-TP is deciding to do more hip-hop style songs like he used to do when he was still an amateur underground artist. Also, it's nice to see up-and-coming producer Onionn finally get his chance to shine. I have always said that he was one of the best hip-hop beat makers in Vietnam. Hopefully, people will finally understand why.

More importantly, I am kind of shocked that this MV even exists. I don't think it could have ever been released 5 years ago. Chạy Ngay Đi definitely has a dark undertone to it with a good dose of violent, sexual, and religious imagery making it an easy target for censorship for corrupting the minds of the youth or whatever other BS that you want to make up. Sure, M-TP may be metaphorically saying that he wants to run away from all the bad memories and pain of being in a toxic relationship by burning down everything and cleansing himself in the flames like they were the waters of Lake Minnetonka. But, you could also say he's indirectly promoting violence, crimes of arson, and other deviant activities. I'm not saying that this MV does. I'm just saying you could easily misconstrue things and mark M-TP as a bad boy needing punishment.

Burn, Baby, Burn!

I know this though, M-TP is one bad hombre. That boy is ready to set the whole Vpop game up in flames with little regard for the consequences of his actions. He's a maniac...a pyromaniac! Đốt sạch hết!