It seems that the boys of Uni5 have been spending a ridiculous amount of time in the dance studio. After watching their recent dance practice videos, I think that I'm pretty much ready to declare Uni5 the best dance group in Vpop right now. Uni5 has really stepped up their game. It's like they are preparing to appear in the 7th installment of the Step Up movie series -- Step Up Vietnam: China Get Out, a movie about a group of rebellious, young street performers protesting big Chinese businesses coming in and destroying small, local Vietnamese businesses and encroaching on Vietnamese liberties by secretly pushing Chinese government agendas to gain control of the highly disputed South China Sea. That was a joke BTW. There's no Step Up Vietnam. There is a Step Up China movie coming out though, and the ever growing tension between Vietnam and China due to land disputes is quite real.

I digress. What I originally wanted to talk about is how Uni5 seemingly went into a hyperbolic time chamber and emerged completely powered up like Goku in a DBZ episode. They surpassed their old selves and reach a higher level of dance. They basically went Super Saiyan since I last saw them. As a former wannabe dancer, I can appreciate the amount of work that was put in to master these routines. Uni5 must have lived in the dance studio. Đông Nhi probably locked them in and refused to let them leave. The choreography displayed here by Uni5 is extremely impressive to say the least. The body control, the foot coordination, the usage of symmetry and asymmetry to highlight individual performers, the smooth free-flowing transitions from one formation to another...this shit had me saying, "Oh hot damn! Uni5 dance practices are lit!"