Mắt Nhắm Môi Chạm by Lou Hoàng of OnlyC Production and Cara of DreamS Entertainment is a fun-loving summertime love song. The official MV for Mắt Nhắm Môi Chạm plays out like a high school musical with Lou Hoàng and Cara engaging a battle of high school pranks. It's a real battle of the sexists with the boys and girls taking turns going at it with each other. And no, I am not talking about a not-so-innocent game of seven minutes in heaven here. I am talking about good ol' IRL bullying and not that pussy cyberbullying shit -- the type of bullying that leaves physical scars as well as emotional scars.

Mắt Nhắm Môi Chạm definitely has a nostalgic charm to it that leaves you yearning for a simpler and more innocent time. Before the hit TV show Glee and the Disney TV film High School Musical, there was another popular high school musical. FYI, that iconic musical starred John Travolta and was called Grease. Mắt Nhắm Môi Chạm, especially the dance version, captures some of the same feelings and charm that Grease has for me. Both have two unlikely love interests leading rival gangs of opposite genders in a song and dance routine through the treacherous battlefield known as schoolyard love.

"Hey girlfriend!" says Lou Hoàng. "Hey boyfriend!" says Cara. "Do you want to kiss me?" they ask each other. Newsflash, we all know how this is going to end. Obviously, two sexually pent-up teenagers are going to do what they always do. They are going to "get friendly down in the sand" like John Travolta says in Grease, if you know what I mean.