Former ST.319 singer Erik has fallen on hard times in Chạm Đáy Nỗi Đau. Composed by Mr. Siro, Chạm Đáy Nỗi Đau is one of those depressing AF ballad songs that Vietnamese people love. However, I couldn't stop laughing at the MV for Chạm Đáy Nỗi Đau. Maybe I am a weirdo for finding human suffering funny, but I find it hard not to laugh at just how much of a beta cuck Erik was in this MV. Erik must have a fetish for getting cuckold because there seems to be a trend here. Perhaps, Erik was right to be so jealous of Min in Ghen since all of his love interests seem to be more interested in getting with random dudes than him.

In Chạm Đáy Nỗi Đau, Erik again plays the role of the loser in an unfaithful relationship. At this point, Erik may as well be the "virgin" in the Virgin vs Chad internet meme. Seriously, look at how "virgin" Erik stacks up against "Mr. Steal Your Girl" Chad in this MV.

Virgin Erik

  • Rides a basic bike
  • Takes pictures on a shitty mobile phone
  • Thinks he's Bruce Lee but hits like a wet noodle
  • Hits his woman on accident while wildly flailing arms in a fight
  • Tries to buy a girl's love with flowers and gifts
  • Tries to act alpha but fails
  • Thinks a fresh haircut will make him cool
  • Starts random house fires and nearly kills everyone nearby in the process
  • Chases after girls
  • Uses random Korean words to get girls
  • Begs girls to "kajima" (don't go)
  • Cries alone in the corner at night



  • Rides a badass motorbike
  • Takes pictures on a professional DSLR camera
  • Knows he's a beast and doesn't need to pick fights
  • Takes punches like a champ and doesn't even retaliate
  • Protects his woman by pushing her out of the way in a fight
  • Doesn't need to buy anyone's love
  • Acts alpha without even trying
  • Looks like a badass with any plain haircut
  • Puts out random house fires effortlessly
  • Girls chase him
  • Gets girls without even saying a single word
  • Spends the night in the arms of his girlfriend

Erik is one sorry bloke of a joke in this MV in more ways than one. He spends the entire MV crying, begging, apologizing, and being a complete pathetic excuse of a man. Even when he tried to flip the script to become a badass mofo by cutting off his hair like his name was Won Bin from The Man From Nowhere, Erik still couldn't shake his pussy-ass bitch status. Perhaps, Erik should think about taking some karate lessons from Johnny Lawrence at his Cobra Kai dojo. It worked for Eli aka Hawk. After all, you can't have some random new kid on the block coming in and stealing your girl. That just wouldn't be right. #DanielWasTheBully