Hoàng Thùy Linh is finally back from a long hiatus (2 years), much like myself (4 months). Honestly, most of the music that has been released in the past few months during my hiatus hasn't been that interesting. There have been a few bright spots that I might go back and talk about in future posts, but nothing really caught my attention and inspired me to come back and write about it. That is, until HTL (with a little help from rapper Kimmese) released Fall In Love, which has me falling in love with Vpop all over again.

Hoàng Thùy Linh might be somewhat of a controversial figure in the Vietnamese showbiz industry; therefore, I feel that she sometimes doesn't get the recognition that she deserves, but I, personally, enjoy her Britney Spears-esque, pop diva approach to pop music. And like Britney Spears, you can't deny the fact that she makes damn good pop music even if her personal life is a little turbulent.

The reception of Fall In Love has been rather tepid. That is somewhat disappointing to me, but that doesn't change the fact that I think the music production by Đỗ Hiếu here is absolutely brilliant. For me, Fall In Love is a hard song to categorize into one specific sub-genre of music because it's complexity. Yes, it's a pop song that is electronic in nature; however, it doesn't fit nicely in one specific category. The most fitting EDM genre might be future bass, but to say that would be an over-generalization and a disservice to Đỗ Hiếu's brilliance here. Because doing so would ignore the chill, tropical, and other elements found in Fall In Love that make it unique and interesting.

I really like how HTL is pushing the bounds of Vpop with this song much like how she did with Bánh Trôi Nước. But I think in doing so, HTL may be wondering into unexplored territory too quickly. There is such a thing as being too far ahead of the curve. I wouldn't be surprised if the poor numbers that Fall In Love has been pulling in was in part due to the fact that the general public just hasn't developed a taste for this type of experimental electronic pop music.

I love hearing new sounds, and I truly respect artists who try to push the envelope. Popularity be damned! In the future, I am going to take a similar approach. Instead of talking about popular stuff, I rather just talk about stuff that I find interesting. That means potentially more posts about indie and underground artists and less idol centric news. That way, hopefully, I won't burn myself out trying to cover everything Vpop. You could say that I'm taking the popular out of Vietnamese popular music, which is kind of a weird thing to do when you run a pop music site. But whatever, I'm back and don't give a flying flippity flop...just like HTL in her latest flop of an MV.1


  1. Sorry. I couldn't resist making a savage flop joke about Fall In Love's popularity even though I wish it wasn't true.