It's no secret that the popular free-to-play video game Fortnite makes a boat load of money. It's so popular now that Fortnite has become a major part of everyday pop culture. Every kid in America these days seems to know at least one Fortnite dance. The dances in Fortnite are so popular that even the most obscure dance moves borrowed from not-so-mainstream artists like Blocboy JB can become global phenomenons. Even M-TP is doing the "shoot dance" in his videos.

Watching GReen GRoove by singer/dancer Trọng Hiếu, I can't help but imagine how perfect the "green groove" is as a Fortnite dance emote. I have no idea what the "green groove" is, but I know the Fortnite devs are seeing green from all the money that they are pulling in from selling dance emotes. It's not like they even have to give credit for the dance moves that they "borrow." If a Fortnite dev somehow finds this MV by Trọng Hiếu, look out world! A fresh batch of "borrowed" dance moves might just make its way into the money printing machine known as Fortnite. Trong Hiếu may be dancing the green groove in this MV, but the Fortnite devs are the ones who are truly dancing the GREEN GROOVE.