Young Vietnamese lady, who's this? Well, it's none other than young Vietnamese rapper Suboi. Holla at your girl because Suboi is out there doing work, work, work, work like her name is Rihanna. CÔNG, meaning "work," is Suboi's latest MV.

Shot in a Toyota factory in Vietnam, CÔNG has a certain modern, high tech, industrial feel to it. I actually don't know if I like this. I can't deny that the song production quality here is pretty damn good, but CÔNG feels a little too manufactured for my liking. To me, it's toeing the line of being just another cookie-cutter Western commercialized pop song.

Personally, I prefer Suboi's previous song N-SAO over this latest song. While CÔNG has a certain pleasant aesthetic to it, N-SAO has so much more personality in my opinion. I really like that N-SAO is basically a song about everyday life in Saigon. And for anyone who has spent time in Saigon and/or understands Vietnamese culture, N-SAO is extremely relatable and accurate in depicting the sight and sounds of ordinary Vietnamese life in today's Saigon.

I would, however, understand if there are people out there who like CÔNG better. I do think CÔNG is much more digestible for a Western audience than N-SAO. For me, I just enjoy the more raw and unadulterated real Saigonese rap. Real Saigonese pop showbiz don't fit!