Like a Dark Sith Lord in the Star Wars universe, underground rapper B Ray, music producer Masew, and singer Amee all have decided to join the dark side to embrace the hate in their latest song Ex's Hate Me. Being a darker tone rap song, Ex's Hate Me reminds me of the Epik High song Don't Hate Me. Although both songs are rap songs, they both take an almost alternative-rock-like approach in discussing the topic of hate.

Hate hate hate hate hate like you're at the playa hater's ball because it's sometimes both oddly cathartic and healthy to recognize and express one's own anger, frustrations, and hatred. long as you don't go and do something stupid like blowing up an entire building full of people like B Ray did in this MV, then it's okay. Otherwise, you most likely will end up in a jail cell for mass murder and/or committing acts of terrorism. It's okay to hate, but never go full Dark Sith Lord.