Back to my hood! As much as I like to troll Karik about going pop, his latest song Đó Là Anh Em Tao is a welcomed throwback to a time when Karik actually made hard-hitting rap music. Back in 2010, Karik and Wowy released a song called Khu Tao Sống -- a gangster rap song about repping their hood. Khu Tao Sống brought Vietnamese rap to the forefront. I am still a big fan of Khu Tao Sống and remember listening to it for the first time. Back then, Vietnamese rap music was almost nonexistent. Khu Tao Sống was a revolutionary song. With Đó Là Anh Em Tao, Karik captures some of the same qualities that made Khu Tao Sống such an appealing song to me. In Đó Là Anh Em Tao, there's that same "I am riding and dying with my homies and f*ck everyone else" element that enjoy about gangster rap.