Since December when news leaked about a potential secret project between Vpop prince Sơn Tùng M-TP and famous American rapper Snoop Dogg, I have been anxiously waiting for some new Vpop songs that contain a little bit more of a modern urban flare to them rather than just your standard bubblegum pop songs that are often characteristic of boy bands and idol pop music. Good news! Singer Thiều Bảo Trâm is back almost a year later after her solo debut with a new song and MV to fill that Vpop void created by the absence of M-TP. Triệu Lý Do, or Million Reasons, is Thiều Bảo Trâm's latest work.

If you follow this blog, then you probably already know that I am a big believer in TBT. There's a reason that I like to refer to her as the female version of M-TP. Stylistically, both TBT and M-TP take very similar approaches in their fashion and music choices. These similarities have not gone unnoticed with TBT rumored to be the girlfriend of M-TP. Some M-TP fans aren't happy about the seemingly close bond between TBT and M-TP. It is my opinion, however, that if you are a M-TP fan, then you should probably be a TBT fan too. Not to get all Rule 63 up in here, but they are essentially the same person only gendered swapped.

With Triệu Lý Do, TBT is taking a more mature approach to her music, leaving behind the more colorful and Kpop-inspired bubblegum pop music found in her debut songs like Cơn Mơ Ngọt Ngào and Kệ Anh Thôi. Like M-TP, who is a master of doing this by the way, TBT is now experimenting more with urban elements (rap, hip-hop, etc.) and combining that with some of the traditionally popular styles found in Vietnamese blues and ballads. I would imagine that in doing so, you would get a Vpop song that should be more appealing to a greater Vietnamese audience. You never know though.

I personally like R&B and dance songs, but the Vietnamese audience generally only gravitate to your traditional ballad songs. So far, Triệu Lý Do seems to be doing a bit better than TBT's previous works in the numbers department. But if your name isn't M-TP or you're not singing a ballad song about your Ex, then you could end up on the ground feeling like your balls just got blasted by an angry ex-lover that had a running start. That's not a good feeling -- being kneed in the groin and having water thrown into your face. But that is how it goes with the Vietnamese audience. The Vietnamese are harsh critics who have no problem saying "Don't waste my time!".