It's about freaking time that singer Soobin Hoàng Sơn returned to the Vpop scene with a new MV. Busy filming his first movie project YOLO last year, Soobin has been MIA for a while now. But like a vampire waking up from a deep slumber, Soobin has finally come back to take his rightful place in the Vpop world.

Is it time? Time for dat boi Soobin to take over the Vpop world? Soobin seems to think so with his aptly named song Đã Đến Lúc. Seeking the help of the dark lord of underground dance music production, DJ SlimV, Soobin seems determined to make a strong impression in his comeback bid. His efforts, however, may just fall flat. As much as I love both Soobin and DJ SlimV, I was left feeling unsatisfied after listening to the future bass infused pop ballad song Đã Đến Lúc.

Yes, the MV for Đã Đến Lúc was visually satisfying to watch. Yes, Soobin is an amazing singer. Then, what is the problem? I was really hoping that this MV was the one to take Soobin to the next level, but I see that Soobin has yet to find that special something that S-Tier Vpop stars like Sơn Tùng M-TP have.

Somehow M-TP has a natural ability to create songs that are extremely catchy to listen to the first time that you hear them. With Soobin, you kind of need to listen to his songs a few times before you can truly appreciate them. That lack of an attention grabbing, catchy hook, ultimately, makes Đã Đến Lúc a very forgettable song for the average listener IMO.

Hopefully, I am wrong, and Soobin can finally take a step out of the shadows of bigger Vpop stars like M-TP and receive the limelight that he deserves. But I have a feeling that he will continue to be trapped in the shadows, unable to break free yet again, much like the ending in this MV. FeelsSoobinMan.