Boy bands have been struggling to gain a strong footing in the Vpop market for some time now, which is the exact opposite of how boy bands have fared in the Kpop scene. Boy bands have long dominated the Korean idol pop market. For example, take a look at BTS. Their popularity has reached absurd levels of global saturation. Why is that Korean boy bands are so popular while Vietnamese boy bands continue to struggle? I don't know the answer to that question, and no one else seems to know either.

Zero 9 is a newer boy band project within the Vpop scene. There aren't that many Vpop boy bands out there, and Zero 9 is seemingly trying to take a very Kpop-style approach in marketing themselves. So far, that approach hasn't been all that effective.

Boy bands are usually extremely popular with teenage girls. Do you know what else teenage girls like? Kpop and fan service. Therefore, I can see why the boys of Zero 9 went full boys' love with their new MV Joker. They are trying to give their audience what they seemingly want. With Joker, Zero 9 took Kpop's homoerotic fan servicing to a whole 'nother level. It's basically a Yaoi love story between Asian Harry Potter and budget T.O.P, which I think is hilarious. Motherf*cking Asian Harry Potter and budget T.O.P. What a joke!

I hope the boys of Zero 9 are able to find their identity soon. Right now, they are seemingly willing to whore themselves out anyway possible just to make it in the industry. The only thing is, they are doing it with little pay off. That's like being run over by trunk-kun and not ending up in some Isekai anime. Pretty damn depressing if you ask me.