Vietnamese rapper Karik is back with another flashy music video by Kawaii (Alien Media). In Anh Là Sinh Viên (I'm A Student), Karik plays a struggling college student with no money. For many young people, being a broke college student is something that they can relate to. I myself was a poor college student once. I know the feeling all too well. The feeling of hopelessness. The feeling of despair. The feeling of being f*ck in the a$$!!! I am speaking figuratively here of course. The main point here is that being a poor college student can be a very depressing situation, and sometimes having a sense of humor about it helps.

Anh Là Sinh Viên is a very lighthearted hip-pop song. I use the term hip-pop because it's a song that is a mixture of hip-hop and pop music. It's a song that is very similar in style to songs put out by Korean rapper PSY.

Although Anh Là Sinh Viên is a very non-serious MV, let's take a look at what we can learn from it. The first thing that stands out in my mind is the usage of homoerotic humor. Did I not say that Vietnamese people love their homoerotic humor? Told ya! Other than that, we learn that the penny pinching lifestyle of a college student is universal. Eating mì gói (instant noodles), having no money to go shopping, etc. are all things that most normal college students go through. Living that penny pinching lifestyle can take a toll on anyone.

We also learn that Vietnamese students also struggle with the same things that many of us in the Western world deal with. For example, we see a shady businessman offer an unemployed Karik and his friends an easy money making opportunity that requires a small initial investment. These scams take place in America all the time.

Did you ever have a friend or family member get a job selling knives, health products, energy drinks, beauty products, etc. during their college or high school days? I know plenty of people that fell into this "multi-level marketing" trap. If you're required to buy your so-called employer's products or required to recruit others in order to make money, then you're being mislead. You're not an employee of the company; you're a consumer for the company. They make money off of you directly! They couldn't care less if you ever make a single dime. I don't understand why these practices haven't been outlawed. These companies prey on the young, desperate, and naive.

The life of a broke student is a tough one. For me, I got through my college days by listening to Asian pop music. I also believe having a sense of humor about life in general helps a great deal.