We bringing some of that old school Vietnamese folk music back in this week edition of Mix It Up Mondays. What you know about that cải lương? Cải lương is a traditional Vietnamese art form. It can be described simply as Vietnamese opera. It is a form of theatre where the performers dress in old fashion costumes and put on plays about love, family/social relationships, cultural norms, and other aspect of Vietnamese society. Cải lương is famous for it's usage of Vietnamese folk and classical music to tell its story.

If you were a Vietnamese kid growing up in America, then you probably hated cải lương like me. "A bunch of old people singing about some shit that I can't relate to? Not for me." -- I thought. Now that I am older, I have a better appreciation for traditional Vietnamese art forms.

Recently, underground rappers Pjpo and Ricky Star put out their own version of Lý Cây Bông -- a famous Vietnamese folk song. Lý Cây Bông (Rap Version) is pure genius if you ask me. I never thought that you could combine modern rap music with old school Vietnamese folk music. Mind = blown. Lý Cây Bông? That shit is fire!