Welcome to the first edition of Indie Tuesdays! Like Mix It Up Mondays, the purpose of Indie Tuesdays is to introduce people to new Vietnamese music that often goes unheard. For the Mix It Up Mondays song of the week, I like to pick songs that showcase the talent within the underground Vietnamese EDM and rap scene. Instead, Indie Tuesdays will focus on the indie scene (i.e. acoustic, rock, blues, jazz, etc.).

The SHEEP is a band composed of two people, 21-year-old Hoàng Thống and 18-year-old Trang Hàn. The word on the street (and by street, I mean Facebook) is the SHEEP is looking for a third member. Even with just two members, the SHEEP is already showing great promise. Their first original song to be released, Thương, is definitely worth a listen. It's an uplifting and very pleasing song to listen to on any given day. Thus, Thương by the SHEEP will be kicking things off here on Indie Tuesdays.