"With great power comes great responsibility," said the Uncle Ben's Rice guy. Or...was it someone from one of those Sony-owned Spider-Man movies? Anyway, things are looking real sunny for PB Nation (Hà Lê & Phúc Bồ) these days now that they are getting paid by a company that makes the ever-so-popular PlayStation gaming console. I believe Real U is the first PB Nation song since landing their sweet, sweet Sony deal. PB Nation has no excuse to not produce quality Vpop MVs now that Sony is backing them. With a little assistance from Yến Lê, Real U is looking like a quality summertime Vpop MV.

Random MV Thoughts

  • WTF is Sket Dance? It sounds like something that Lil' Jon would subscribe to. (0:26)
  • What normal Vietnamese person wears socks indoors while at home?
  • Is the Volkswagen party bus the new Vpop MV trope of 2017? Has it over taken the old sitting in a bathtub trope?
  • How many takes did it take for the skateboarder to land that kickflip with the color run powder? (1:30)
  • The heart-shaped rock formation...man-made, natural, or CGI? (1:56)
  • Did the Brian Trần and Phan Quỳnh Như take an Uber from Rhymastic's Yêu 5 MV to this MV?
  • Was that a kamehameha or a hadouken used to blow away the camera to outer space? (2:44)
  • The old colored smoke bombs and sparklers wombo combo is still holding strong in the popular Kpop/Vpop MV trope usage ranking. Will it ever go out of style?
  • Where was Yến Lê when they were filming this MV? Too busy with The Remix New Generation and filming her own MV to partake?