On The Remix New Generation, the girl groups (S Girls and Lip B) didn't do so well. Out of the two, Lip B made it further only because they got "saved" and were allowed a second chance to continue on the show. Personally, I expected more from them. The only song that I thought was any good was Lip B's remix of the 2007 Vietnamese folk song Son, which only featured Yori and Annie singing. You might be asking, "Where's the rapper, Mei, and the visual, Na Whan?". Good question...basically, they were told to pop a squat on the bench because their services weren't needed. Yori and Annie decided that they could do all the heavy lifting in this one themselves much like how LeBron and Kyrie are telling their teammates to go stand in the corner while they try to carry the entire Cleveland Cavaliers team on their backs in the NBA Finals. In honor of the two-man carry while facing elimination, Son by Lip B is this week's Mix It Up Mondays song of the week.