Musician Tiên Tiên has had some popular EDM remixes of her songs through out the years. The deep house version of My Everything is one such example. Recently, Tiên Tiên put out a new song with a more contemporary r&b style called I Lab You -- a play on the words "I love you." Like with her past songs, it seems like we can expect a slew of EDM remixes of this latest Tiên Tiên song too. For this week's Mix It Up Mondays song of the week, it's none other than the official remix version for I Lab You.

Although I think the original version of I Lab You is pretty good, I always like to have a little extra bounce in my step. Therefore, I usually like to listen to the more upbeat EDM versions of Tiên Tiên's songs. I Lab You is no exception. You could say...I lab them funky EDM remixes, especially ones that mix elements from multiple genres together. Take deep house, dubstep, and Vinahouse and mix them all together. What you end up with is something like this remix.