Management company 6th Sense must have thought singers Toki and K.O looked a little lonely in their 2-member group, so they brought 4 in new members (Toof.P, Lục Huy, Cody, and Tùng Maru) into the fold. 4 new members!!! That's a lot of new members to be adding to a band. Why 4 new members though? Wouldn't having 5 members in Uni5 make more sense? There's a "5" in the group name after all.

It's no secret that competing boy band MONSTAR is trying to form a 5-member super group. Perhaps, 6th Sense is trying to one-up them by having 6 members. Or maybe, 6th Sense is just using their "6th sense" to see into the future and plan ahead for the inevitable day when one of the members leaves the group. It happened to 365DaBand with Tronie leaving, and it has already happened to MONSTAR with Erik departing. Instead of being in a Fifth Harmony situation with one member dropping out once the group becomes established, Uni5 can first start off as a 6-member group and then eventually drop one member in order to achieve perfect unity and harmony as a 5-member band, finally living up to the name Uni5 (a play on the word "unify" and the number "5").

Following the principle of Occam's razor, the simplest and most likely scenario might be that 6th Sense is just taking a strength in number approach. With this new 6-member look, Uni5 released a new MV titled Kẻ Cắp Trái Tim. The more heartthrobs (kẻ cắp trái tim) 6th Sense can sign off the streets of Nam, the less opportunity their competition has to form a rival boy band and the more chance they have to steal the hearts (cắp trái tim) of potential new Vpop fans. As people like to say, the more the merrier. I just hope it just doesn't turn into a mega group like Super Junior or AKB48, for example. Once the member count of a group goes into the double digits, it's too much for me.

Random MV Thoughts

  • Like millions of sperm trying to fertilizing an egg, it's a race to be the first to break through Mother Earth's outer protective layer. The opening scene paints a pretty clear picture of what this MV is about -- a bunch of dudes trying to slip it in. #Lewd
  • Hold up, wait a minute! I'm calling bullshit on Toki's claim of "no make up." Why you always lying?
  • UNI5 must have taken hand rubbing (3:18) lessons from either Super Junior or the granddaddy of the hand rub himself, the Birdman.
  • I was almost half-expecting a male twerk line to form. It seems to happen all the time in the MVs of female artists. It's time for men to start twerking too. Time to get low!
  • Uni5 is gonna take you to dab city. Get dabbed on, son!
  • The dance choreographer must be a Ken Masters main in Street Fighter. Peep that Shinryuken at 4:06.