Tết, aka Lunar New Year, is just around the corner. Like in the US, major movie releases are often timed to hit the big screen just before a major holiday season. With Tết being the most important holiday season for the Vietnamese, it's no surprise that movie studios take it upon themselves to make a major effort to promote their films at this time. So, get ready because today we're covering OST songs from movies being released this Tết season.

Lý Cây Bông has become a popular Vietnamese folk song with the general public. Folk songs usually aren't that popular with the youth of today. Most kids these days are all about trying to look hip like the boys of BTS. Lý Cây Bông, however, seems to be an exception. There's even a Viet rap version of Lý Cây Bông by Ricky Star and Pjpo that is quite popular. In this Lý Cây Bông OST version, we see a much more youth friendly approach in marketing the movie Mẹ Chồng. From watching the trailer, Mẹ Chồng (Mistress) looks like a movie geared towards adults. On the other hand, this MV seems to be geared towards winning over the youth with the inclusion of Thai "hot girl" Nene. Perhaps, Vietnamese marketers are starting to realize the importance of marketing to the younger generations -- a group that I would argue was largely ignored in the past.

In this OST song for the movie Cạm Bẫy, singer Ali Hoàng Dương sings about coming home to his momma. This is a common theme in a lot of Tết songs. An important part of Tết, after all, is returning home (về nhà) to visit one's family and ancestors. While Americans might return home to visit family during Thanksgiving or Christmas, a Vietnamese person would instead return home from afar to visit family during Tết. And like how we Americans often go to see movies with family and friends during the holidays, the same thing holds true for the Vietnamese.

The film Lôi Báo stars singer Cường Seven in an action packed movie that seemingly has taken inspiration from past classic action films. Director Victor Vu has never been shy about borrowing ideas from other films, so much so that he was once caught up in a major plagiarism scandal. That's neither here nor there since it's all about the action in action movies anyways. Maybe Victor Vu did take the idea for a body swap movie from Face/Off. Maybe he did take some ideas from The Man from Nowhere on how to film cinematic knife fights and gun play. Maybe he did take some inspiration from the movie The Raid with fight scenes containing SWAT raids and gun fights taking place in a rundown building complex. Does it matter? I don't believe singer Trọng Hiếu cares. Instead, all he wants to do is convince people to "trở về" (return home) and become the hero in their lives by taking their family and friends to go see Lôi Báo.

If you're not a fan of action movies, then maybe a film centered around the theme of strong family bonds is for you. You know you are going to be in for some feels when you hear the Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence sounding piano intro for this Khi Con Là Nhà OST song. Spending time with family is a major part of the spirit of Tết. So, a tearjerker of a movie like Khi Con Là Nhà might be exactly what the doctor ordered for a feels good family outing.

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