In this latest MV from Vpop singer Min, once again my girl Min can't find love. Em Mới Là Người Yêu Anh starts off with the premise that a female stalker with seven identities is on the loose. Almost instantly, we see Min again having car problems like in Take Me Away. Damn, girl. Min's luck with cars is just as bad as her luck with men. I feel bad for Min. I've got 99 problems, but a bitchboy ain't one.

Because I'm Blind! Lady!

Someone call Beyoncé because Min is crazy in love. Just like JustaTee in Đã Lỡ Yêu Em Nhiều, she's trapped in a painful world of unrequited love. What's a girl to do when she has all of this pent-up anguish from a one-sided love? Holding that in can drive a person mad. Perhaps you drown your sorrows with sweets and salty snacks. After all, how can anyone say no to gummy bears and chips. Indulging in sweets and snacks is always fun. Well, it's fun until you develop type 2 diabetes for being an obese fat-ass. In the end, it's almost always best to just man up and put on your big-boy pants to face the music.

Min seemed to be ready to face the music, that is, she was ready to accept the reality of her situation, by the end of this MV. But, was the player two in this MV ready? He seemed to have an epiphany while meditating on some Paris bridge. Then, Min disappears from the guy's side, and he runs to open a door containing the seven identities that were obsessed with trying to get his attention earlier.

The Min Seven

Now, I ask you -- who's the crazy one now? Perhaps, it was the guy that was crazy in love the whole time. After all, he was one obsessing over videos of Min on his cellphone. And it would seem to make more sense that all these versions of Min following him around in his life were just his own mental projections due to a deep seeded obsession rather than Min having zero success in getting some guy's attention. Dude had zero reaction and acted like she didn't exist because maybe she actually didn't really exist IRL. Mind = blown!