The ST.319 boy band project known as MONSTAR has just expanded to a four man squad. Joining the current roster of Key, Nicky, and Grey-D is new comer J. That's enough members to fill out a complete squad in PUBG or Fortnite. With just one more member, MONSTAR would have enough members to compete in an intergalactic basketball tournament, aka a Space Jam.

My name is Jeff. Uh hmm....I mean, my name is J.

Is ST.319 planning to add more members in the future, or is 4 the magic number? Is MONST4R the final form of ST.319's ambitious boy band project, or will MONST4R evolve into MON5TAR? I don't know, but the introduction of J is a welcomed addition. Finally, Grey-D has another member who can actually sing. The man needs some help out there. Grey-D has been hard carrying MONSTAR by himself lately. He does all the heavy lifting when it comes to singing and music writing. Grey-D must have the back strength of a rickshaw driver because he's been carrying the entire team on his back like his name was Greg Jennings.

Giữ Lấy Làm Gì is MONSTAR's latest song and MV. It is an R&B breakup song composed by none other than Grey-D himself. Not surprisingly, Grey-D takes the point position and is the main vocal lead. Even as a new comer, J really proved the value of having a second strong vocalist in a group. Even the greatest individual talents need a little bit of assistance from time to time. Michael Jordan didn't win all of his championships without the help of Scottie Pippen.

Also, I have to say that Nicky stepped up his game in this MV. Sure, he was handed some easy layups of lines to sing, but he did his job as a role player and converted those easy buckets. Key, on the other hand, I need to see more from him. By the end of the MV, I looked down at the stats sheet and I saw nothing but zeros next to his name. Where was he? Grab some loose rebounds or something. He basically had a near zero impact on the outcome of this MV and could have easily been replaced by any random substitute.

We Dem Boyz

In my opinion, MONSTAR is showing signs of significant improvement with the addition of J. Grey-D was a good free agent pickup, and the addition of J looks to be promising as well. Hopefully, the chemistry between Grey-D and J can continue to develop in the future with Grey-D running point, Key being an extra body out there to set screens, Nicky spotting up in the corner for easy buckets, and J at the top of the key ready to unleash a 3-point bomb as soon as he gets an assist pass from Grey-D. All I can say is....shoot the J! Shoot it! J looks like a big-time scorer, and that should take some work load off of Grey-D, making MONSTAR a more legitimate contender in the Vpop boy band battle for supremacy.