I have always been a big dance fan. Therefore, I spend a lot of time watching dance videos on YouTube. Some of the best dancers are Asians in my opinion. Our small frame, body control, and innate athletic abilities make us natural dancers. But, that's just my opinion.

One thing that you can't argue with though is that there has been a massive increase in public interest in the art of dance in Vietnam. Numerous dance groups and dance studios have popped up through the years. Currently, Kpop/Vpop dance challenges in public and flash mob dance routines are quite popular with the youth. So, let's talk a look at some of my personal favorite dance videos.

You might confuse KAT-X for a Kpop boy band if you just so happen to randomly stumble upon their videos on the internet like I did. KAT-X, however, is a dance group from Hanoi made up of 5 guys who like to make dance videos covering popular Kpop and Vpop songs on YouTube and TikTok. Their street performances have such a high degree of professionalism and quality to them that one could be easily fooled into thinking that KAT-X is in fact an actual idol group. Well, they aren't. But, the swagger and the personality that they bring to their dance routines make KAT-X must watch TV.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the Binz and Triple-D song Nguyên Team Đi Vào Hết. But after watching this dance version cover by LOL CREW, I have completely changed my mind. Now, hearing Nguyên Team Đi Vào Hết gets me hyped AF. It makes me want to go out with my team of "Nguyên's" and tear the club up. IMO, that's what a good hype song should do. Thanks to the badass choreography by LOL CREW here, they actually made me change my opinion of a song by making one simple dance video.

In my college days, I was in my fair share of choreographed dance performances for my Vietnamese Student Association. But after watching this performance of "Dancing Farmers" by Quang Đăng and LIFEDANCE Studio, I now just feel like they were all trash compared to this. If only YouTube was bigger back then, then we could have ripped off...ummm...I mean borrow dance moves (you know, like how Fortnite does it) from people who actually know what they are doing. It would have been so much easier. C'est la vie, I guess. Anyways, all this dancing makes me want to get back into dancing myself.